It's Time To Exit The Transaction Treadmill And Achieve Financial Peace In Your Business AND Life


Tired of working your butt off every month… only to be broke at the end of the year?

Being a real estate agent is tough. You work long hours, deal with challenging clients and many people involved in the transaction that add obstacle after obstacle.
Making the money is hard work... then keeping it is a whole other ball game.

With so much going on, it’s easy to get disorganized and lose track of where all that hard-earned money goes. 
Things start slipping through the cracks. You check your savings account to be met with a big fat ZERO… and you're not sure how you got there. 

What If You Could...

👉 Be debt free with plenty of money in the bank to live the lifestyle you work so hard for.
👉 Enjoy a consistent income that you can actually count on.
👉 Eliminate financial worries and stress replaced with peace of mind.
👉 Take the listings you want and say NO to the ones that you don't.

Join me inside The framework to freedom and I'll show you how. 
Let's transform your life and finances together.

During These Powerful 9 months, You'll Discover:

How to pay off 100% of your non-mortgage debts so that you can live life on your terms.

​How to get organized so that you are in control of your money and finances.

How to add 3-6 months of reserves in your personal and business savings accounts.

The secret to creating a monthly budget that you’ll stick to.

​Strategies to create predictable income so that you can stabilize your finances.

​How to create a plan for exiting the transaction treadmill so that you can have your "dream come true" future.

​Easy ways to maximize your efficiency so that you can work less while making more $$$.

​The secret to automating your retirement investments so that you have a solid exit plan.

The Financial Fit Bootcamp For Real Estate Agents

Here Is Everything You Get When You Join

The framework to freedom

1. Nine Months of Framework to freedom Group Coaching 
(VALUE $8,997)
2. (2) 1:1 private Coaching Call (VALUE $1,997)
3. Private Facebook group and Lifetime access to the recordings (VALUE $997)
4. Relationship Tips to Help You and Your Partner Weather the Financial Storm (VALUE $497)
5. Business Planning for 2023 (VALUE $997)
Total Value: $13,485
Today's Price: JUST $4,997 or 3 Payments Of $1,697

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Meet Your Coach, Matt Plumer

Matt Plumer
Financial Coach 💵
Real Estate Agent 🏘
Debt Crusher 🚫💳
Wealth Builder 📈
Hey! It's Matt. 

I've been where you are.

I remember it like it was yesterday... I was sitting at my kitchen table, staring down the barrel of another month.

Sure, I’d covered my butt for the previous month’s expenses, but that didn’t bring any feelings of relief or security.

It just filled me with dread.

Another month of not knowing if I’ll cover the costs of my real estate business.

Another month of not knowing if I’ll be able to pay my bills.

Another month of uncertainty and anxiety.

Heck, even the budgets that were supposed to help me put my stomach in knots. I just saw all of those line items, all of those recurring expenses, and thought about how much money I needed to bring in.

After years of figuring out a system that works, I’ve made it to the other side: to financial freedom, security, and success.
That's why I created the framework to freedom.

This program is everything you need to exit the transaction treadmill and achieve financial peace.

Get signed up before doors close and I'll see you on the inside!

- Matt

My Personal "No-Fail" Guarantee

If you actively follow the live training, implement the entire system, and reach out to me, my team and other community members for help when you need it, I can guarantee you will generate $1000 in savings by the end of this program. If you don't, I'll gladly process a refund.

Get All Of The Strategies, Systems, Accountability And Support To

Eliminate Your Debt, Remove Stress And Increase Your Income

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